Have a Yoga Party!

Of course if we were to walk into an adult yoga class in session, you would find it serenely quiet. This would be the last activity you would think children would want to do at a party! Soulflower Kids Yoga being so dynamic and fun, makes for a perfect activity for any occasion. We move through our postures in an imaginative way, singing songs and playing yoga games leaving the children at the party with a big smile and feeling filled with joy and laughter.

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All about Natalie

Natalie Eskenazy is a certified children’s yoga instructor who teaches in many preschools, daycares and elementary schools in Montreal.

How she can help:

Although yoga has enjoyed popularity with adults for many years, it is only recently that we have come to understand how helpful it can be for children in their formative years, increasing their self awareness, building their self esteem and strengthening their bodies. Soulflower Kids Yoga is dedicated to spreading the joy and benefits of yoga to all children.

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